Chris and Others.

Hi. This page acts as the intro to the site.

I keep things simple as no time is then wasted working out how to use it.

To that end this page is hand coded. So patience is appreciated.


Just a Little bit about me.

I am doing the certiv to get my skills updated. I graduated from RMIT in 2009 with a degree in Applied Science (information Technology) which was mainly programming.

My favourite activities involve lounging around in my backyard pool, riding my motorbike, exercsing and stargazsing when I am not at the computer or ham radio.

Oh! Just FYI I have 65 years experience on this rock and have accumulated a few injuries over the years, resulting in head injuries and as a result I usually sleep between 12 and 20 hours each day.

I will be doing what I can to visit my blog and forum daily but do not be surprised if I miss a day or two.

Just enjoy the site and remember manners are the best social lubricant there is!